Buyer Representation

Not to long ago a change took place in the real estate business that leveled the field for buyers of real estate. That change is form 3 of the Maine Real Estate Law. Before this new law passed it was always “let the buyer beware”. The law stated that it was the Brokers sole fiduciary responsibility (whether he or she was the listing or selling agent) was to the seller of the home. That meant that anything you told the agent you were working with was relayed to the seller. For example if you said you loved the house and were going to make an offer but would consider going a little higher but wanted to see if the owner would take an offer. It was that agents fiduciary duty to the seller to tell him what you said and then advise him not to accept your offer.  The new law has changed all of that by giving home buyers a choice in how they want to be represented. Today you can hire a consultant through an Exclusive Buyers Agreement. This agreement gives you my complete service to help guide you through the entire purchasing process. from finding the perfect property that fits your needs,wants and desires to the closing where I will personally hand you the keys to your new home.

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